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Design Objective:

To design a machine to transport a man between narrow vine rows for pruning and grape picking operations on a new vineyard in Italy. The machine must work on 30 percent slopes with washouts.


A diesel powered tracked vehicle that is compact, fuel efficient, and versatile for the task at hand.



The initial powerplant prototype was simply a steel frame with steel tracks, a small transmission, and a 4 HP diesel engine

The design process spanned 3 designs and prototypes, and resulted in a 25" wide crawler, with rubber tracks, Electric start 10 HP Diesel engine, hydraulic wheel motors and steering, hands free operation (steering and power controls are foot and knee operated), and an aluminum oil tank to minimize oil operating temperature

Here it is climbing a 27 degree grade at the start of the testing phase with it's hood and cover removed.

Approximately 20 units are now in use at this vineyard.




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