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24' Commercial Fishing Boat

 24 Foot Commercial Fishing Boat  6000 lb load capacity 24' fishing boat  Foam compartments 24 foot commercial fishing boat  24' Commercial Fishing Boat    

 3" x 1" Formed Aluminum Keel

 Open Deck Design

 Foam Flotation Compartments

 1/4" Hull and 3/16" Freeboards

 Flat Floor For Safe Walking

 Full Interlocking Internal Ribs

This 24' Commercial Fishing Boat was designed to use smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient twin 90HP outboard motors instead of the more typical twin 115 - 150 hp motors, while maintaining the same load capacity and cruising speed.

Key Benefits
     1/4" Thick Hull Sheets, 3/16" Freeboards, 3" x 1" Formed Keel, Fully Welded Aluminum Construction
     Efficient Hull Design Requires Less Horsepower
     Full Flotation Compartments Front and Rear
     Meets Transport Canada Level Flotation Requirements
     Design meets Transport Canada TP1332 Construction Standards

34' - 40' York Boat



Design Objective:

To replace the traditional wooden York boats for racing with a more modern, low maintenance alternative, while maintaining a traditional look.


The new design is a boat that is 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, and is all aluminum construction, from the keel, right up to the oar pins.


 Here the aluminum material is being cut on state of the art machinery.



Accurate 3-D computer modeling allows for precise alignment of all the components, enabling quick and effortless assembly. Here the skeleton frame has been tacked together and is being welded.



Here the individual sheets are being welded on. A rotational alignment structure was designed to allow all welds to be horizontal, ensuring precise weld quality.


The main structure is together and ready for internal components, such as fore and aft benches and decks.



Each boat takes about 3 weeks of shop time to be assembled and fully welded. The boat is then ready to be painted. This one in the traditional colors of the original Hudson Bay York Boat.



 A boat being readied for loading onto a Semi Trailer for transport.



 Finished boat in use at the Annual York Boat Days at Norway House, Manitoba.


Key Benefits
     The aluminum boats are 10% faster than the wooden boats. Improved consistency from boat to boat, results in fairer racing.
     The aluminum boats require much less maintenance, and are less susceptible to weather damage.

10' - 18' Light Pleasure/Fishing Crafts


 18' Sport Hull - All Aluminum

Full Internal rib and stringer design 

18' Fishing/Family Boat 

Modular Interior Deck Design 

16' Version 

18' Economy Lake Boat 

Key Benefits
     Flexible CAD design allows for a range of lengths to be built from one basic design, on one assembly jig. Modular interiors allow for multiple configurations.
     Aluminum boats are light, strong, and easy to manufacture. New designs are easy to prototype, test, and deliver to the market place.
     Welded/bonded construction methods result in improved surface finishes.



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