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 Environmental Remediation


A large volume of biomass stocked at a field site must be removed. 

This massive clean up must be undertaken in compliance with Environmental Regulations and Sustainable Farming Practices.

Biomass volume: 438,000 cubic meters of compressed wheat straw, 91,000 cubic meters of composting straw



The Mag Design proposed and accepted solution: Incorporate all biomass into farm soil at rate of 17 tons (15,450 kgs) per acre.

In order to accomplish this task the material had to be:

  • Shredded and mixed to homogenize 
  • Cleaned to remove twine and other synthetic materials 
  • Hauled to fields for broadcast  
  • Broadcast onto farm land at 17 tons per acre 
  • Incorporate into soil

Mag Design was also hired as a project manager, and in that capacity organized equipment and staff to get the project underway. Those tasks included:

  • Sourcing broadcasting and hauling equipment. (Spreader trucks, Semi Trailers, Tractor/Spreader units, Drum Screen)
  • Supplying tools and equipment to perform field repairs.
  • Manage equipment, service, and repairs.
  • Hiring and managing staff to operate field equipment.


Tough yard conditions


Shredded and mixed to homogenize.


The raw biomass piles contained tarps and twine, which had to be removed.


A drum screener was used to remove foreign material from the organic matter.


Hauled to fields for broadcast. In good field conditions, trucks are used.


In tougher field conditions, a tractor/spreader combination is used.


Broadcast onto farm land at 17 tons per acre.  (See the truck in action)


Incorporate into soil.


Work continues through the winter. Product was ground, cleaned, transported to the fields, and stored in windrows in preparation for broadcasting and incorporation in the spring.


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